My Family

My Experience At The First EA Virtual Tournament

I submitted my scripts for Literary Interpretation and Informative Speech. I submitted my video for my Informative Speech. I enjoyed my speech because I want to inspire others to paint and draw. My video went well and I had a lot of fun.

I went for Round Table for the first time and I had a great time sharing my thoughts with my friends.  I think that everyone did a good job on gathering information and we were able to solve the problem quickly. I feel grateful for having a meaningful time with other people and getting to know them better. I had a fun experience working together with my friends. I enjoy working together as a team with my friends. I want to celebrate that I did participate. 

Eating my favourite prata

After I ate lunch, I went to the Student Lounge room and got to talk to Elodie about what I do at home. She is stuck at home and she feels sad and lonely. I am glad that I can be her friend.  

I hope I can be brave enough to speak in front of a big group of people. I will try to be prepared so I will not be afraid anymore. I will be happy  that I can do it and not be scared.

I want to go to iCon some time so that I can see, talk and have a fun time with my friends.

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