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Ussies in US

This is really a story of many of US who gathered in US to connect with one another.... Countless New friends - I couldn’t keep count of the new friends we had made!! I am just so grateful for these new friendships and I give thanks for technology that allowed us to take ussies (or wefies) and will… Continue reading Ussies in US

Pray and Give Thanks

The Blessing Box – March

To check out how the Blessing Box came about, read my post in The Blessing Box - January * I thank God that I could spend time with my parents and the extended family as I celebrate my birthday. I also took some time off during my birthday to commune with God. He reminded me… Continue reading The Blessing Box – March


Follow The Leader

We love to go cycling as a family. As Li-Ann still can't cycle, she has a special seat just behind daddy. Last year, it was really encouraging when Rebecca, having better stamina, could cycle longer distances. We then began to bike more frequently and further. Wherever we go, daddy will lead the way, followed by… Continue reading Follow The Leader

My Family

I Don’t Like My Sister

Ever since Li-Ann was born, I've been reading up and teaching my older 2 about their sister - how they should view their sister and handle verbal or non-verbal views of their sister. It's a constant teaching as all of them are growing up and maturing. I find that I have to explain many things… Continue reading I Don’t Like My Sister

My Family

I Am Special

I have friends who have children with special needs, other than Down syndrome, and have asked me for suggestions on how to help their children. I cannot claim to know how to help specifically but here are some general suggestions (I've used 'she' to simply denote the child and not specifically to refer to the… Continue reading I Am Special