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Expo Experience

I am constantly amazed at how many near-impossible things I’ve done. Of course, I could not have achieved these things without the help of God and the people around me. Some of these things are: being the first ever non-public school team to become champions in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) in 2014;… Continue reading Expo Experience

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Ussies in US

This is really a story of many of US who gathered in US to connect with one another.... Countless New friends - I couldn’t keep count of the new friends we had made!! I am just so grateful for these new friendships and I give thanks for technology that allowed us to take ussies (or wefies) and will… Continue reading Ussies in US

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The Blessing Box – June

Curious about the Blessing Box? Check it out here The Blessing Box - January * We began the June holidays with Li-Ann's riding lessons at RDA. There were 8 lessons in all. I'm so so grateful that we didn't have to pay for the lessons as they are heavily subsidized. The sidewalkers who took LA… Continue reading The Blessing Box – June

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Loving My Husband More

You know, after more than 10 years of marriage, I have accepted my relationship with CM to be such - holding firmly to our vows and being committed to one another and the children. Then something happened... One morning, after the children's netball practice, we took lunch out. That meant the previous day's leftover porridge… Continue reading Loving My Husband More

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A Beginning.A Covenant

I usually take a couple of hours off on my birthday so I can spend extended time with the Lord. My favourite place is the Botanic Gardens under this big shady tree. I looked forward to that quiet retreat with the Lord again this year. However, even on the day of my birthday, I was… Continue reading A Beginning.A Covenant