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Why Did God Give Me A Child With Down Syndrome?

A friend asked me, 'Have you ever wondered why God gave you a child with DS when others have typical children?' She said she knew all the theoretical answers but wanted to know how I would respond. WAH.....this is a tough one man!! Actually, to be honest, I've never really asked God this question. Ha!… Continue reading Why Did God Give Me A Child With Down Syndrome?

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That Girl Has Down Syndrome

One day when we were in the compound shared by two schools, (one was a school for special needs children), Li-Ann interrupted my conversation with a few moms and said, 'That girl has Down syndrome.' Out of curiosity, I turned my head toward the girl LA pointed at, only to see her back. From what… Continue reading That Girl Has Down Syndrome

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I Am Special

I have friends who have children with special needs, other than Down syndrome, and have asked me for suggestions on how to help their children. I cannot claim to know how to help specifically but here are some general suggestions (I've used 'she' to simply denote the child and not specifically to refer to the… Continue reading I Am Special