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HS e-Convention: Meaningful.Unique.Awesome

Li-Ann says…
High School Day
Everything went well and they liked my speech. I am relieved I didn’t have to speak in front of people. Because I feel nervous if I have to speak in front of an audience.

Li-Ann speaking on ‘Inspiration from Art’

Curriculum Fair
I write down what I want to say. My mom and my sister helped me to type out my script. I took photos of my books and I cropped them. Mom helped me put the photos on the slides.  I hope that the people will have an idea of what homeschooling looks like. It is the first time for me to present to people online. It is very meaningful. I think they enjoyed listening to me and I hope my story really encourages them. I hope they will do fun activities with their children with special needs.

Draft of my script

John says…
Being able to share at the online Curriculum Fair was a unique experience. Although it lacked the personal interaction of a physical fair, people were a lot more open and willing to ask questions, probably due to the fact that they were more comfortable at home and could organise their thoughts better. Even though it was almost like a last minute scramble to get the script and slides ready, I’m glad for the opportunity to get to speak to homeschooling parents and teens about my media work and how homeschooling has allowed me to pursue my interests in this area.

Rebecca says…
The Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair was online this year and to be honest, I had a ton of mixed feelings about it. How would something so large go online?? Honestly, impossible. But guess what? It happened!

I was the speaker for the High School Day (HSD) along with other teens. It was really fun getting to know other homeschoolers that I have never met before! The group of us was mentored by Aunty Tsui Ling, Magdalene and Caleb (both of which were the previous year’s HSD speakers). We met a few times to get feedback and improve our speeches. Each time we learnt something new about each other and it was a really fun time of preparation. During that time we were unaware that the COVID-19 situation would escalate so quickly. 

The timing was just right! Aunty Tsui Ling got us to record our speeches just before we weren’t allowed to go out except for essentials, and I was so glad everyone was available and we got to do that.

If I were being dramatic, I would say that this whole thing was like a roller coaster ride. But it honestly wasn’t like that at all! It felt a bit unnerving to not know what was going to happen, but the fact we had such an awesome team planning the convention, just made everything feel better.

I can say with confidence that the people on the various planning teams did an AWESOME job to make everything come together. It was a great first virtual convention, and I am so thankful that we have the technology to do something like this!

The Curriculum Fair was a good chance to meet new people and to share about what I’m doing and to answer some questions. It was a good experience, though nothing beats doing the fair in real life!

Photo credit: Caleb Tupili

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