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John 19 & Li-Ann

We just read John 19. Li-Ann had some questions... LA: What do you mean by 'blood coming out from the side'? Mom: It's like blood coming out when your finger is poked. LA: That means they are poking at his ribs? Mom: That's right. LA: Ouch! That's painful! That's not a good thing to be… Continue reading John 19 & Li-Ann

Managing the Household

Mother God.Mother Me

I I was asked to share with a group of moms on how I have kept God in focus in spite of the challenges I faced. Having a passion for supporting families, I agreed. I proceeded to prepare as best as I could. I also asked a few friends to pray - most importantly that… Continue reading Mother God.Mother Me



Just before the year ended, we had an opportunity to go for a firefly tour in Malaysia. Except for my hubby, we have never seen fireflies before. This trip proved to be very educational and enriching for us. I marvelled at how God created these wonderful creatures. So I urged the children to pen their… Continue reading Fireflies