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Being an Overcomer

As one of the photographers for the LifeFest carnival, I was assigned to mainly focus on the obstacle course, also known as The Brave Race. Parts of the obstacle course required climbing, jumping, and sliding, and so I relished the challenge of trying to nail the focus and catch the kids in mid-air or with a derpy expression of determination on their faces. Of course I did manage to get those shots and they were very well received. However, my favourite shots were those moments I captured of parents and children completing the course together. I stood by and captured how fathers coaxed their kids over and under obstacles while mothers took photos and videos of them. I got down on my stomach to photograph a father and son attempting to crawl under a netting together, and followed a whole family encouraging their special needs son/brother to complete the course. Without a doubt, action shots are the most attractive and interesting, however it is these easily overlooked moments that tell the real story of how every child can be an overcomer regardless of their abilities.

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