Cancer Journey

December 2010

It’s been 4 years since I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. I thank God for His love, providence and protection all this while. I’ve been blessed with the prayer and practical support of many friends and family – my own as well as those in the family of Christ. Here is an archive of my updates which I sent to these wonderful prayer warriors. I pray they will encourage you.


  1. Decisions I – Thanksgiving
  2. Decisions II – Warfare
  3. Decisions III – Update
  4. To God Be The Glory
  5. Abba Father
  6. Thank God I’m Doing Well
  7. First Update
  8. Rest In The Lord
  9. His Promises
  10. God Is Dealing With Me


  1. HANDS
  2. David & Goliath
  3. I Want To Be Radiant – active!!
  4. Say it. Show it. Mean it
  5. All Time High
  6. BEWARE!

YEAR 3/4

  1. New Year Celebration
  2. Update on Mom
  3. Love and Serve NOW
  4. Freedom
  5. LOTZ & LOTZ OF…
  6. Better Together
  7. The Wife of Noble Character – Proverbs 31