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Preserve Pulau Ubin

When I was asked if my kids would be interested to attend a 2-day workshop at Pulau Ubin, I immediately signed them up and offered myself to be one of the chaperones of the 20 children as well. What's more - the workshop is FREE - no need to pay for bum boat rides, no… Continue reading Preserve Pulau Ubin

Self-Help Skills

Kor Kor Stole a Chinese New Year Cookie!

"Mama, kor kor stole a Chinese New Year cookie!" Li-Ann yelled out as she ran to me. Before I could say anything, John came in and told me that it was Li-Ann who took a cookie. For all stay-at-home moms, this is probably a familiar scenario we have to handle frequently. After verifying with John… Continue reading Kor Kor Stole a Chinese New Year Cookie!