My Family

The Blessing Box – November

Find out more about my Blessing Box in The Blessing Box - January * We went for an ATI homeschool conference in Malacca. I had difficulty getting transport to go up. I was thankful that the organisers were patient as I only confirmed my attendance about 5 days before we leave. A few friends also… Continue reading The Blessing Box – November

Motivating Li-Ann

Eating Cherries – Pitted or Whole

We eat cherries once in a super long while because they are expensive fruits. The last time we ate some cherries was about half a year ago. Usually, I would remove the seed before I give the cherry to Li-Ann. Remembering my goal of encouraging LA to eat a cherry independently, I gave her one… Continue reading Eating Cherries – Pitted or Whole

My Family

To Go or Not to Go?

That was the question I was prompted to ask myself 2 weeks before registration closed for church camp from 8-11 December in Malacca. Some pull factors: -CM won't be going for the camp as he'll be overseas for a meeting -It will be in Malaysia, not Singapore. I have to take a coach with the… Continue reading To Go or Not to Go?