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A Break To Bond Part 4: KL/Seremban/Malacca

On our drive back, we stopped over in KL to visit my cousins and their families and had dinner with them. The food was yummy and not too expensive. We had a wonderful time catching up. The children hit it off well with their cousins too. We bunked over at one of my cousins' home… Continue reading A Break To Bond Part 4: KL/Seremban/Malacca


YES! To Go…Running With Horses

Hi Everyone!!! Thank you for praying for us. We are back from church camp - each one still in ONE piece - well, probably with some added mass from all that buffet meals we ate 😉 Oh ya, except for my glasses - one of the legs of my glasses came off as the screw… Continue reading YES! To Go…Running With Horses

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To Go or Not to Go?

That was the question I was prompted to ask myself 2 weeks before registration closed for church camp from 8-11 December in Malacca. Some pull factors: -CM won't be going for the camp as he'll be overseas for a meeting -It will be in Malaysia, not Singapore. I have to take a coach with the… Continue reading To Go or Not to Go?