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We were on ONE FM 91.3!!

"Are you and Rebecca free tomorrow (Friday 7 February 2020) at 8.30am? Do you want to represent HS (Homeschool) SG on ONE FM 91.3?" Mark texted me. He is our trusted Media Rep. I was thinking to myself - Oh my! To appear on national radio? What do I say? What about the girls? And… Continue reading We were on ONE FM 91.3!!

My Family

Trust ME.

God said,‘Trust Me.’ when I wondered about Li-Ann in my womb. God said,‘Trust Me.’ when the doctor saw a white dot on Li-Ann’s heart. God said,‘Trust Me.’ when I decided not to do any further tests. God said,‘Trust Me.’ when I couldn’t breastfeed Li-Ann when she was born. God said,‘Trust Me.’ when we found out… Continue reading Trust ME.

My Family

Charis* ♥ Grace ♥ 恩

“Ann” means “grace; favour”. Her Chinese name “恩” has a similar meaning. We thanked God for His grace and kindness when He gave us Li-Ann but it was only after she was born that we see and receive these blessings. When it was confirmed that Li-Ann has Down syndrome, Chee Meng and I shared our thoughts… Continue reading Charis* ♥ Grace ♥ 恩