My Family

Part 1: A Tribute To My Daddy

Thank you God for my daddy… ♥       My dad was single-minded about what he wants to do at work. He was serious about the responsibilities given to him and would always do his best. ♥       He worked hard and was determined not waste his money on frivolities. ♥    Dad took beautiful pictures, especially the black… Continue reading Part 1: A Tribute To My Daddy

My Family, Pray and Give Thanks

Why Did God Give Me A Child With Down Syndrome?

A friend asked me, 'Have you ever wondered why God gave you a child with DS when others have typical children?' She said she knew all the theoretical answers but wanted to know how I would respond. WAH.....this is a tough one man!! Actually, to be honest, I've never really asked God this question. Ha!… Continue reading Why Did God Give Me A Child With Down Syndrome?

My Family

Loving My Husband More

You know, after more than 10 years of marriage, I have accepted my relationship with CM to be such - holding firmly to our vows and being committed to one another and the children. Then something happened... One morning, after the children's netball practice, we took lunch out. That meant the previous day's leftover porridge… Continue reading Loving My Husband More


Raising Good Fathers of Children with Special Needs

I (Chee Meng) attended a talk-cum-dialogue session by Dr Daniel Fung at Faith Methodist Church on 7 March 2011. It was very informative and helpful. He suggested 10 points on what the parents can do: 1. Focus on Moral Development 2. Take Care of Yourself and Your Spouse - keep a healthy marriage 3. Focus… Continue reading Raising Good Fathers of Children with Special Needs

Pray and Give Thanks

The Blessing Box – February

To check out how the Blessing Box came about, read my post in The Blessing Box - January My thanksgiving for February... * I bought a secondhand set of curriculum to teach Li-Ann word recognition and hopefully later on, writing as well. This lady sold it at a very good price and I'm grateful. A… Continue reading The Blessing Box – February