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  1. Hi Apple,

    I’m Wei Shi, the assistant editor of the little magazine. For our upcoming Feb issue, we’ll be looking at love from many different angles, and thought it would be interesting to explore how Li-Ann expresses her love for you. I was wondering if you would be keen to do an interview and photoshoot with us? Thanks a lot for your time!

    Wei Shi

  2. Hi Apple,
    Am very encourage by your journey & faith in Christ.
    I’m a stay home mum, home schooling 4 precious ones. Am wondering if you could drop me a email. Would like to check more with you about the recommended online writing classes with IEW.

  3. Hi Apple,

    We met at DSA in Oct after a workshop by Dr Bhavani. Had wanted to visit you blog but never get down to do it. Finally here I am reading you blog and so amazed with the wonderful stories you shared. Can’t wait to read more stories about you and your children.

    Siew Pan

  4. Hi Apple

    I am so touched by your love for your children and hubby. Our Lord has given your family full of strength phsyically and spiritually. May our Lord God bless you and family with Paslm 91. You will find refuge in Him and no weapons form against you and your family shall prosper. Shalom, Irene Ang

  5. Hi Apple,

    This is Philip & Ann from T @ P. Very many thanks for your kind and constructive feedback on our outlet – they’re as inspiring as your blog! We truly appreciate your taking time. Li Ann is truly very sweet and, yes, she does have the X factor. Warmest regards from us all.

  6. What lovely thoughts! I am an author and the proud father of a 38-year-old daughter with Down syndrome (who has also taken riding lessons – and loved them!). I have written a novel in ebook form, A SPY AT HOME, which is available on Amazon. In this book I have a central character, Noah, who has Down. I would like to invite you to read this ebook, and I would be very interested in your thoughts about the story. I can be reached directly at
    Thank you for your blog and for sharing your child with Down syndrome.
    Joe Rinaldo

  7. Hi Apple,

    Thank you for introducing your blog to me during the Debate & Speech Camp.

    May you continue to share and shine forth for the Lord!


  8. Hi Apple,

    I came across your blog, and I am truly touched by your sharing. It’s really not easy as you battled the illness while continuing to homeschool the children, as well as manage a child with special needs. As a mother myself, I am very touched by your love for your children, and thankful to see how the Lord is giving you the strength to go through difficult times, obey His call, and to trust in Him. I thank God that your 3 lovely children are growing up to see His love through you. As you’ve mentioned in one of your earlier posts, God says to ‘trust in Him’, because He loves our children more than us. Thanks for being a wonderful encouragement and testimony of His goodness 🙂

  9. Hi Apple,
    Something to shared with you and thank you for your advice.
    As you advised,my husband found the christian community and church in Bangkok, Thailand with help of a business friend there. He attends church regularly and have more time to read Bible. He admitted that this is hard testing for him, but you know what, it’s a testing for all of us too as a family. Now, he is able to cope with it better and better. I would like to give thanks to God who is the highest, that God makes him come closer to God and look up to Him and learn His Word no matter where he is. Thank you Lord, thank you that you be with him when he needs you. In Jesus name , Amen.

  10. Hi,

    Your blog is really inspiring. My 3 year old daughter has High functional ASD. I would like to help her with some homeschooling activities next year, but I don’t know to begin with. I am still in the process of doing up the PECs. I know I need to provide her some kind of social activities but I am not comfortable with the moral childcare center which the therapist recommend. Any recommendation? Sometimes my boy (6) couldn’t understand her sister’s need and get jealous over her. How is your other children coping with their sister’s need?

    Thanks & Regards,

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