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Are you the President?

We were at the Festival of Biodiversity on 26 May 2012. When we first found out about it on the web, my oldest, John, who loves animals, kept reminding me of the date so I won't forget. Really needed that - my memory cells do fail me at times. I, in turn, emphasized that he had… Continue reading Are you the President?

My Family

The Blessing Box – September

Find out more about my Blessing Box in The Blessing Box - January What I share in this Blessing Box: *Snake encounter at Botanic Gardens *John's Tioman trip *A talk in Mandarin 'How to Communicate Happily with our Special Needs Children' *Kite flying at Promontory@Marina Bay *ARISE 2012 *Report from LA's Speech Therapist * A… Continue reading The Blessing Box – September