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I was Floored!!

I signed John and Rebecca up for an introduction session of floor ball organised by Sport on Kids. Both of them picked up the basics and had fun playing with the other children. At the end of the 2-hour session, both of them were drenched in sweat! I was really happy they picked up a new sport and had their workout.

As we watched the games in the school hall, we took photos and videos and we also had to occupy Li-Ann. As with any unfamiliar place, she would usually observe, tell me what she observed (eg. the school crest, the clock, President Nathan’s photo, a red cross on the wooden floor) and ask me lots of questions. I was grateful for her curiosity as that’s how a child learns best. Being eager parents, we tried to persuade her to get closer to the courts to see her siblings play, to pick up a floor ball stick or even a ball. Finally, she was warmed up after one girl and her nephew started rolling some balls to her. I was thankful they initiated play with her. CM was sharing tips with John and Rebecca on and off. Before I knew it, LA also allowed herself to be taught. Seeing how CM instructed the children in sports made me realise there’s so much knowledge involved in just hitting a small ball or cycling or rollerblading. I love to see CM coach the children – it’s with such ease, passion and patience. I’ve loved him more too. Thank you dear 🙂 I thank God CM is willing to train the children in this area coz I feel extremely inapt when it comes to sports. Tell you a secret: I used to play basketball on the court during PE lessons without even touching the ball. Ball phobia? Maybe. Dunno how I got through the PE lessons all those years…

Ok… back to CM coaching LA…I saw LA hitting the ball (at different positions) – and MANY times!! CM thought LA understood and followed instructions better than her siblings. That was an achievement!! WOW!! We figured it’s probably because the stick, although long (she was using the standard floor ball stick), was light. All she needed to do was to hold the stick correctly, put the stick next to the ball and HIT! It must be such wonderful success for her (plus CM was praising her) and so she kept hitting. I got it down on video too – I was really over the moon, grinning from ear to ear and trying to contain my bursts of excitement while videoing (WAH…it’s very hard). YEA!!! LA can play a ball game!!! As soon as I stopped the video camera, I dashed over to give her a tight squeeze and plenty of kisses. She did GREAT!! And we were very proud of her. On our way home, CM was thinking about cheap secondhand floor ball sticks and balls for the children so they can practise and play together. We are praying for these. Got any lobang? Let me know 🙂

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