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ARISE! and Give Thanks!

The ARISE! Worship Concert on 22 August 2010 was terrific! Join us as we give thanks:

1. Our alarm didn’t go off but we woke up on time and was early when we reached the Singapore Expo.

2. I forgot where I put Rebecca’s glasses on Saturday evening. The last place I recalled, to my horror, was the roof of our car. That was exactly where CM found it on Sunday morning! On Saturday night, he had driven up 3 storeys of our multi-storey carpark and God kept the glasses ‘glued’ (as Rebecca put it) onto the car roof. Praise the Lord!!

3. With #2, God reminded me of Zechariah 4:6 and that sustained me for the whole Sunday

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the LORD Almighty.

4. God kept Rebecca and Li-Ann going although they slept late the night before, as we were having dinner with a relative, and had to wake up early on Sunday morning.

5. The girls’ tummies were on their way to recovery from virus attack since Saturday afternoon. Thank God for His Healing. Thank you for praying for us.

6. I am extremely appreciative to the ARISE! team and helpers for looking out for the girls. I can imagine this as an added stress and yet they continue to reassure me that their antennae were alert to any signs of distress shown by the girls. One mom even carried LA to comfort her. Thank you so much. This sharing of burden gave me great peace to continue my duty as an usher. The head usher was also very tolerant when I had to get away to see to my girls’ needs. Thank you, Peter. John was also very efficient in bringing me news of how the girls are now and then. Thank you, son.

6. We all had a lot of fun worshipping God – whether in photo-taking, on the stage singing and dancing or serving God as an usher. We also made many new friends and had a wonderful time of fellowship. Rebecca told me a few boys kept touching LA’s head and said she was cute and she’s like a doll. My guess is they probably don’t have a younger sister. LA said,”They touched me and called me doll. I don’t like it.” I told LA she could tell them she doesn’t like it and walk away. But I suspect she kind of enjoyed the attention a little hehehe… 😉

7. Many friends joined us and they were glad they made it. I’m so grateful that the families were blessed. Some even asked if a DVD is available for this concert.

8. Many friends were very encouraging especially towards Li-Ann. I’m really touched by your love for us.

9. There were 100 people who indicated they would like to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour in the morning concert. Praise the Lord!!

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