BEST Dental Visit

I brought Li-Ann for her usual dental visit at KKH yesterday. It was a different dentist but she, as previous time, went to the chair and sat down and was prepared to be raised up. She looked pretty cool – I was more flustered as we were a little late. The dentist thought she was brave and independent. I had not even warm up my seat when the dentist said, after a quick look at her teeth, “Her teeth are very clean. There’s no need for any cleaning.” I was pleasantly surprised and of course overjoyed that our hard work and perseverance has paid off!

For that 5 minutes on the dentist chair, it was $25 – the cheapest I have paid for her dental checkup. Usually dental expenses are high and subsidies may not be available. In addition, my parking charge was only 93cents – also the cheapest parking rate I’ve ever paid at KKH! I thank God for saving my money and time. So now, I’m even more determined to keep ALL our teeth clean.


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