Pray and Give Thanks

The Blessing Box – January

When God told me this will be a year of receiving (read more in this post YES! To Go… Running With Horses), I told myself I want to remember ALL the blessings, if possible, and to give thanks. Each month, I will share with you what’s in my Blessing Box.

Here’s what’s in my January blessing box:

* A friend gave tips on how I can help strengthen LA’s neck and eye muscles, hoping to help her nystagmus. I was so so grateful coz I really didn’t know how to help her and who to ask for help. Further explanations on nystagmus can be found here Nystagmus

* John and Rebecca were due to exchange all the award stamps they accumulated at their abacus classes for a little something. They decided to pool their stamps together and exchange for a little purse for Li-Ann so they can give it her on her birthday. That’s so sweet of them to bless their sister. It blesses my heart too.

* A varsity friend whom I’ve not seen for a number of years came over for lunch and gave us 4 jars of kaya! Such a blessing – in abundance! We also had a wonderful time catching up with one another.

* I did a scope of my throat and stomach to check for any abnormalities and investigate causes of my reflux. I thank God for the outcome. My vocal cords are getting better. There was nothing abnormal. The doctor just found out that my esophagus seem larger than usual and that may be the cause of the reflux. So I just have to watch my diet and continue with medication.

* We are so grateful that my sister-in-law bought us a teapot with a sieve, at a very good price. We’ve been looking around and many are very expensive. There’s no excuse for me not to make tea for the family now.

* A friend who’s full-time with Campus Crusade for Christ sent me and sms saying that they are having a week of prayer and fasting and they would like to pray for us. It’s such a privilege to be covered in prayer! I’m so grateful, especially when we have a number of things to juggle with at the beginning of this new year.

* A CG member blessed us with a few tubs of CNY goodies and she took time to wrap them up too – it looks like a mini hamper, so pretty on its own. Thank you for taking the time to do that 🙂 I’m not sure if I want to unwrap my hamper and eat the goodies…

* A CG family blessed us with a set beautiful embroidered couplet for Chinese New Year. They are really lovely.

*One of Li-Ann’s Sunday School teachers shared excitedly that she began interacting with her friends and new teachers during the second lesson. That was such an encouragement to me. This teacher, who is new to the ministry, had previously volunteered in a school with special needs children. I’m grateful that God gave her the experience and patience to teach LA. With LA more settled, she’ll enjoy her class and activities better.

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