My Family, Pray and Give Thanks

The Blessing Box – April

What’s this? Read more about it here The Blessing Box – January

* April flew by very quickly. I signed John up for ‘Open Little Eyes’ Conference organised by SCGS. You can read more about it here Open Little Eyes Conference 2011That took up 3 of our Saturdays. I attended it with John and learnt many many things. The conference speakers were great. I was also impressed by how the lower secondary girls got this important conference going, guided by their teacher, Ms Sie Ha Wai. John learnt a lot too – the importance of choosing the right government, the plight of children in the third world countries and how he can play a part to help these children. He had a wonderful time putting together a presentation with the rest of the homeschoolers on the last day of the conference. They were really encouraged when their presentation won ‘The Most Inspiring Presentation’ award. We were so happy we went for the conference.

* Recently, I had been agonising over the fact that my breads were rather hard. It wasn’t like that before and I was wondering where I’ve gone wrong. It was a lousy feeling. I decided to consult my SiFu (Master or 师傅), who happens to be the children’s piano teacher. She bakes YUMMY breads. I really thank God He directed me to the right person. She suggested a couple of possibilities, including the fact that my yeast might have died on me. She also offered me tips on how to make my breads softer, which I badly needed. So I invested in a new pack of yeast and lo and behold…I SAW my bread dough rising. It was amazing what a good pack of yeast can do. My breads are nice and SOFT now. I’m grateful for all the good feedback on my breads. That’ll encourage me to bake more often and to try out different types of breads too.

* I signed John up for the Nature Explorers’ Programme in January this year. There were quite a number of assignments he had to complete before the closing date of 15 July 2011. John has been very motivated and will take time and great effort in putting his project together. I’m surprised and thankful at the ease, neatness, clear organisation and speed of completion of each assignment. John is very passionate about nature and that has spurred him on to find out more so he can share his passion with others. Check it out here Nature Explorers’ Programme

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