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The Blessing Box – October

Find out more about my Blessing Box in The Blessing Box – January

* Mom was warded for a few blackouts and after a few days of observation where a few pauses were noted on her ECG, the doctors recommended a pacemaker implant. I give thanks that mom would not have anymore blackouts, the children were sensible and able to take care of themselves when they had to be by themselves for a couple of days. Hubby was also on leave to help when I had to make frequent trips to the hospital. Many friends, who were concerned, prayed for us and some even offered help with the children. In spite of hiccups here and there that required clarification, I’m grateful for the information that doctors (especially Dr Eric) and nurses provided for post-operative care. Do continue to remember her as she recovers and learns how to use her left arm again (should not stress it for at least a month). Thank you for praying for my mom.

* We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary by taking a day trip to Malacca with the children. It was a long drive for 1 day but we had time to talk, eat, listen to sermons and draw! Li-Ann, wanting to follow what jie jie did, began drawing people at a pretty fast pace too! I’m not saying that she drew well but I am just so amazed at her motivation – maybe this is positive peer pressure??!! See how excited we were…

Cheezzz....Don't drool on my rice!!
Aaaaaa....Don't strangle me!!!
We are 'excited' to be eaten?!
Can't wait to dig in!
Whose mouth is the widest??
There's no more chendol for me??

And there were pretty flowers and a beautifully drawn card too…thank you daddy and children!!

*The homeschoolers group organised a trip to the ArtScience Museum where we were given a commentary to the Van Gogh Alive exhibition. We were so happy to be there as the group rates were very reasonable for both children and adults. Now, at least we can tell others that we’ve been to the ArtScience Museum.

*The homeschoolers had a great time at the second Homeschool Sports Day at Clementi Stadium this year. We had excellent weather for children as young as the toddlers (and their parents) to play games, a wonderful track for the pre-teens and their parents to out-run one another, plenty of space at the grandstand for the restless to eat, laze around or hide from the sun and ample time for the grand finale – the presentation of medals and certificates to the participants who had exhibited commendable sportsmanship. Check out the photos here.

*The children enjoyed an afternoon at Lower Seletar Reservoir with Mr Francis Lim, an ex-curator of the Singapore Zoo and author of “Once a Zoo Keeper”. He shared with them about his passion for nature and encouraged them to be as creative as possible as they write a short poem about what he find in nature. The children were given about 30 minutes to take in what’s around them, plan and write. As they gathered to read out their poems, we witnessed inspired poets in the making. I hope you will enjoy reading John’s poem and Rebecca’s poem. Li-Ann came up with her poem in photos…

*John learnt many things when he went on a guided walk on one of Singapore’s island – see if you know where’s this place. Check out his poem and photos here – Singapore’s Jewels.

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