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The Blessing Box – November

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* We went for an ATI homeschool conference in Malacca. I had difficulty getting transport to go up. I was thankful that the organisers were patient as I only confirmed my attendance about 5 days before we leave. A few friends also offered help. One told me that her hubby could try to leave in the morning so my family will go in the same convoy. I was really touched by her love for us. Finally, I was so so grateful that hubby’s team building was postponed and he could go together with us. Hurray!! No more transportation issues!

It was a very good conference. I was grateful that we could just take in the teaching and not have to bother too much with the children or chores. We learnt many things. What was important for CM and I was that we needed to identify the lies that we had been believing about ourselves so that we would not hinder our communication and relationship. These are the insights John and Rebecca gained from their participation in the ALERT Cadet and FULFIL programs.

* Recently, I got a young lady to come to my home to teach the children art. The first lesson was to draw a person. She patiently explained how to draw and also the details to look out for. While at this, she also tried to encourage LA to draw by mostly giving verbal instructions along with directing LA on what and where to draw with her fingers. The children then used oil pastels and water colour to complete their paintings. I was amazed at how well the children can draw – even LA. LA did really well until she decided to randomly apply water colour to her WHOLE picture. I pray that with time and practice, LA will improve and enjoy drawing and painting. Daddy was full of praises for the children when he saw what they did. Thank you Jie Jie for your guidance. Here are the children in action and some pieces of their artwork…

Li-Ann's Chef
Li-Ann's Ballerina
Rebecca's Florist
Rebecca's Dancing Princesses
John's Portrait of Rebecca
John's pencil drawing

* I was ill for a few days. Fever came and went, hubby wasn’t around and I had to ferry the children around for activities.There was this night when I knew I had fever but we had no panadol in the house. I was praying and keeping a wet towel on my face throughout the night, not quite able to sleep well that night. I thank God for sustaining me. Coz the next day, I was fine and I drove the children for their activities again. I was thankful that the children, including LA, were very independent and helped around a lot. John generally could oversee everything. I know I can trust him. Rebecca was concerned and would often asked how I am doing and whether I need this or that. She is so willing to help me cook or take care of LA. So I got her to help cook porridge. LA even played doctor and took my temperature. So sweet of her. And she’s a good doctor 🙂 Hubby was worried about me when he was away and he called to find out how I was and helped me out when he came back. I am thankful for my one big blessing and three little blessings.

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