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ARISE 2012

ARISE 2012 is here again!!

We were really eager to sign up for ARISE 2012 when they recruited children for the choir at the end of last year. We have been so encouraged  by ARISE 2010 and I know that the girls will be excited to worship together with the ARISE team to prepared for ARISE 2012. It will be historic as children from every time zone of the world will join us in lifting up the name of Jesus.

In fact this year, the children benefited even more as they also attended iSOW for the first time. They learnt more about worship and how to lead worship. I was thankful that LA was allowed to tag along; she had a good time.

Rebecca really enjoys the singing and she continues to seek God and ask Him to speak to her. She has been wonderful in trying to engage LA whether during the practices or at home. It’s not the easiest thing to do now especially as LA is much older and has a mind of her own. ‘No’, ‘No Way’, ‘So unfair’ or even simply not budging may be LA’s response when she’s told what she should do. John will also join Rebecca, since we sing in the bathroom often, to get LA going. And dear LA of course, enjoys it tremendously when she has fun clowning around with her siblings.

As her muscle tone improves, LA sings better and is more willing and able to do the actions. While she is at times still distracted and the faster actions are not as doable (for now), she will sing and do the actions that she’s familiar with over and over again. It’s very encouraging to see her standing on stage during practice sessions doing her best. I thank God for the love and acceptance of the team in helping LA achieve yet another milestone during her childhood.

We would like to invite you to join us in this worship concert. Do come and be blessed. Online booking of the tickets has closed so you may wish to check out these collection centres to get the tickets. Act quickly as the tickets are running out fast.

Hope to see you 🙂

1 thought on “ARISE 2012”

  1. Hi Apple, I am very touched and encouraged by your sharing . May the good Lord continue to strengthen you, watch over you and protect you and use you mightily . LA is indeed a very adorable and lovable child.

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