Health, My Family

Chicken Pox

Many spots
Small dots
Big pox.

Itch lingers
Scratching fingers
Temptation triggers.

Calming shocks
Making talks
Watching clocks.

Water sips
Cooling dips
Soupy fix.

Fever breaks
Ulcers heal
Soreness flee.

Up again
Smiles to gain
Health regain.


Rebecca says…I Got Chicken Pox
John wrote…Hated Chicken Pox


4 thoughts on “Chicken Pox”

  1. Take care! If you have poxes in your mouth, that’s the chance to ask for ice-cream, yogurts, and all yummy cool stuff. Drink lots of fluids. Don’t scratch DON’T SCRATCH.

    Praying for you all.
    Aunty Irene

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