My Family

Daddy Aftertaste

My hubby enjoys cooking but he doesn’t cook often. Only when he feels up to it. It’s usually during the weekends and so he had earned the title ‘Weekend Chef’. The children are always excited when daddy cooks. They are probably rather tired of my cooking and daddy’s dishes certainly spice up their days. They are very supportive and may sometimes ask for more.

One Saturday, hubby decided to show off his culinary skills while I was out. I had it for dinner and it was great! It tasted good and I really appreciated him taking time and efforts to do this for the family. I was so eager to eat that I totally forgot to take photos of the food. But I managed to snap a shot of the soup which the children commented on…

Rebecca said that the soup had a ‘daddy aftertaste’. John agreed too. Now THAT was an interesting expression. I was curious and asked the children what that is. The explained the uniqueness of ‘daddy aftertaste’ to me…

You can’t find it anywhere.
It can be found only at home.
It’s minty.
It’s cheesy.
It’s chicken.
It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not.
There’s an unknown taste.
Perhaps it’s chicken plus sweat?

May I add? Could it be Daddy’s heart of love?

Thank you daddy 🙂

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