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I Can Cycle All By Myself!!

Why Li-Ann will just sit on her bike with training wheels and will only pedal when prompted is really a mystery to us. It is our earnest prayer that she will cycle spontaneously.

A few weeks back when she agreed to sit on her bike, I saw that she IS able to pedal on her own. I merely gave her assurance by putting my hand on her shoulder or back on and off.

When we went for a walk one day, Rebecca wanted to cycle on Li-Ann’s bike. Seizing this opportunity, I persuaded LA to get on the bike and cycle home. Encouraging her lots, saying she was strong and reminding her to lean forward when she stepped down on the pedals got her going till we get home. I was so excited to see her pedaling and pedaling!! Finally, LA has learnt to cycle spontaneously with her training wheels!! Now it’s lots and lots of practice 🙂


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