My Family

Part 1: A Tribute To My Daddy

Thank you God for my daddy…

       My dad was single-minded about what he wants to do at work. He was serious about the responsibilities given to him and would always do his best.

       He worked hard and was determined not waste his money on frivolities.

    Dad took beautiful pictures, especially the black and white ones when my brother and I were young, which are beautiful memories for us now.

    He would often dry my hair for me, teaching me what to do while ruffling his hands through my hair. I really loved that.

    When I was smaller and lighter, I would often climb onto his lap. Then I got heavier and bigger and had no more opportunities.

    Dad walked me down the aisle and witnessed my wedding in church. I give thanks for his willingness to do so out of his love for me.

    Dad was always concerned about my health especially when I was young as I was often ill. He would bring me to the doctor and at night, he would come to my room, put his ear to my back and check if I were still wheezing. I remember when I received my diagnosis for cancer, dad felt terrible heartache. He told me he wished he could help me but knew he couldn’t. But there were ways…

    Dad and mom helped with the children and took care of me when I had to go for cancer surgery and treatment. It was tiring for them but there were no complaints. That gave me peace to focus on my treatment, knowing that the children were in good hands.

    Dad loved to cook. He was an expert in cooking sweet and sour fish. I loved the taste! It was always the same; quality control was perfect! I wish I had asked him to teach me how to cook it.

    Dad would repeatedly remind me to drive carefully, to take care of myself, to rest well and not to try to do too many things.

    I was glad to be able to bake and cook for my parents and to spend time with them when they came over to my place regularly. I remember a time when I convinced dad to shape some bread dough with me. He was good! He helped made pizza with great enthusiasm too. The children would often chat and play games with the grandparents.

    I thank God for the weeks that I could bring dad for his therapy sessions at a rehabilitation centre. We had time to chat a bit more.

    We visited our relatives in China with my parents and brother. Being in dad’s birth place helped me to further understand and appreciate dad for his filial piety towards his parents, his sense of responsibility towards his siblings and his love for mom and us as he worked hard to provide for the family.

    Dad came to church camp with my family last June and heard very good messages. God provided for our every need and blessed us with wonderful moments of sharing. I was privileged to take this last holiday with my dad.

    God gave me time to spend with dad at the hospital – trying to hear him in spite of his phlegm, to talk to and help my dad, to pray for and with him, to give him massages and hear him groaned when I used too much force and to see to his basic needs and hygiene. It was very stretching. I wish I was able to do more for him.

Thank you for loving me, dad.

I love you daddy.

Here’s how John chooses to remember his grandpa.

​Continuing my thoughts here…


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