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Li-Ann’s Trip To Ubin

Some things I learned
– Learn about science- learn about leaves
– I should not feed animals because it’s dangerous: the animals will think that humans bring them food, so when they see humans, they will grab bags from people, thinking that there is food inside. I saw a wild pig eating food that someone left in a bicycle basket. This is not good for the animals because they will get sick.

– I must take care of the environment and clean up my trash
– I should not litter
– Plastic bags, plastic bottles, and styrofoam are dangerous to animals because animals think they are food
– Different parts of the plants
– I learnt about a bird called Drongo
– I learnt how to pluck weeds
LA planting.JPG
Some animals/things I saw/heard:
– Wild Pig
– Butterflies
– Bumboats
– Call of the hornbillIMG_4285.JPG
Some things I liked/want to do
– I could sit in the van and talk to my friend, Hannah
– The food
– Get to know people; make friends

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