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The East Asia chapters planned and ran our first tournament on 17 March this year!! We were really really stretched but God was faithful. EVERYONE WORKED VERY HARD, that included the students too. The whole team CLEARED UP AND OUT WITHIN AN HOUR TOO!! (So much so that most of us didn’t have time to take photos this round!) The kids played very hard as well – it was good to see how they all gelled together and had fun!

IMG_20170317_103504_HDR-COLLAGE (3)
Aloysius (Middle row, centre) was A GEM – he saw to smooth coordination of the lights and sound during Showcase


The Lord helped us and enabled us – we had a record number of SEVENTY community evaluators to give our students feedback!! THANK YOU COMMUNITY EVALUATORS for the giving of your precious time and investing in the next generation 🙂

IMG-20170317-WA0005-COLLAGE (1)
Thank you students, coaches and evaluators 🙂 (That’s blur me learning to use my new hp camera)



The Showcase was the grand finale of the day. It was a fun time of coming together, with our Student Leaders taking the helm, welcoming the chapter families and guests and experiencing more of ICC. All these culminated in the highlight of the evening when the awards were given out. We are definitely better together because we go together. WHAT A CELEBRATION!


This year, all my 3 children participated in the tournament. YES!! Li-Ann too! She started the first level of the curriculum in July last year (Young Speakers Guild or YSG 1). She  had surprised us in many ways. I know many of you were praying for her. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL PRAYERS. Read what Li-Ann thinks about the tournament here.

Rebecca put in an amazing amount of effort, finished all 3 levels of her curriculum and took part in her first guild event this year with her brother John. Rebecca shares her Tournament Reflections. WELL DONE GIRL!!

John did an AWESOME JOB in preparing for his speeches, working with our Area Coordinator, Mrs Cassandra Shepherd on the Showcase, and planning a Student Leaders (SL) Meetup (the day after the tournament). It was tough as I saw him labour behind the scenes. We were extremely grateful for the support of the chapter coaches, ESPECIALLY THE DADS, for the SL Meetup. This is John’s story.

My hubby joined us this year (YEA!!!!) – as one who served quietly alongside another 2 fantastic fathers in a small air-conditioned room, staring at PCs/printers/papers and getting out the tournament results by Showcase. WE APPRECIATE YOU SOLDIERING ON! Here are hubby’s thoughts.

IMG_20170317_104850-COLLAGE (3)
Celebrating my CORE team: Michelle (Top photo, third from right) and Tsui Ling (Bottom photo, left)

OF COURSE I HAD TO BE THERE! I was blessed with TWO EXCELLENT TEAM MATES for the role of Timekeeper Coordinator. We were all green in different aspects and I was SUPER GLAD we worked very well as a team.

Because of them, I was able to check Li-Ann out now and then. Because of them, I was able to help with preparations at Showcase. Because of them, I was able to take 1h off that morning of the tournament (Read John’s story for details) to hear from the Lord.

As I drove, I worshipped the Lord and He gave me His peace and much clarity as He prepared me for the many decisions we need to make in the next few months.

Here’s one outcome of His peace:


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