My Family


When Kor Kor and Jie Jie went for PREP in June, I was at home with mommy. These were some things I did with mom and dad:

1/ I prepared gifts for EA PREP students, Franklin n Aunty Cassandra. It was not bad. I got to help mom. I enjoyed arranging the photos for Franklin’s gift.

2/ I helped mom cook stewed pork and kailan . I liked to help cut the tau pok, peel quail’s eggs and cut the kailan.

3/ I cleaned the house with mom. We cleaned the furniture, shifted the things before running Fatty Kim (our robot) and mopped the floor.

4/ I made smoothie too. I helped put fruits in and blend. It was fun to dig the avacodo out.

5/ We ate breakfast and went cycling /walking.


6/ I went for art class.

7/ I went for netball practice and coach said I played well. I also went for class with Aunty Swee.

8/ I visited the Police Heritage Centre with friends. There are many statues there and it was a little creepy. I like making of the badge best!


9/At home, mom taught me how to cook and wash the dishes. For cooking, I could handle some things by myself – scramble eggs with sausages and chop vegetables. When I washed the dishes, I must use soap to wash the dishes, rinsed off and then put in the drainer. I could also hang the clothes, keep the clothes and fold the clothes.

10/ I could sleep in mom and dad’s room with the air con on. That was cozy. It was very nice. I could spend time with Papa.

11/ I went to a father-daughter tea with papa. I wrote a little letter to Papa to encourage him and Papa painted my nails. I ate my favourite dim sum (Siew mai and har kao – meat and prawn dumplings), heard other people read their letters, got a ring and flowers. I took a photo with  Papa and put the photo inside the frame. I sign the pledge, Papa signed his pledge then he said a word of encouragement to me. When we were eating, we talked about what we can do together when we go on dates.

I am glad because I can stay home and  go out with mom and dad. I really really miss Kor Kor n Jie Jie because I feel alone.

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