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Fight . Family . Friends

Who fights in your home? Kid and kid(s)? Parent(s) and kid(s)? Husband and wife?

It’s all of the above for us!

It’s exhausting. It’s ugly. It’s distressing.

One weekend, hubby and I disagreed over a minor issue. (What else is new under the sun?) That led to an eruption, which left much gloom and tension in the air. The kids, who were excellent weather man and women, made sure to keep out of our way. Clever kids. Hence, minimal casualties. Then, while huffing and puffing away under my breath, I noticed a little note on my bed. It looked like Rebecca’s handwriting. I confirmed it. She said it was for us. Hubby had read it so I took it and put it in between a book coz I didn’t think I could manage something else then.

Two days later, I saw the note. I couldn’t help tearing up. While her siblings steered clear of the storm, my brave Rebecca found what she thought could express her feelings best and tried to help us make peace. I was deeply touched by what she wrote – such maturity at her age and I knew that she was right. I gave her a hug and kiss and thanked her for taking time to write the note. She saw the reality in our imperfections, yet she had faith in what she believed in.


In the early days of homeschooling, it had always been my prayer that the children would love one another and growing up, they would be one another’s best friends. I believe my prayer has been answered – beyond what I had asked for. Thank you Rebecca for believing that ‘Family are Each Other’s Best Friends’. I pray the Lord will help our imperfect family work together through our conflicts.

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