Li-Ann’s Masterpieces, My Family


LA was giggling A LOT when she said Titapu. She said it’s a game. That gave me an idea to come up with our own game – with her help…actually I tried to get her to do . I got LA to draw 4 different faces on hard cardboard. That took a while with some persuasion but she DID IT!!!

Meanwhile, John and Rebecca were also motivated to make their own Memory Game.

Here are some shots of LA in action. Oh yes, that day we did our work outdoors…it was cooling and fun…a good way to save electrical bills!





Rules of the game:
1. A game for 2-4 players. Total of 16 cards of 4 different expressions – happy, sad, teary/crying, angry.
2. Give out the same number of cards to all players.
3. If there are 3 players, keep the extra card.
4. Without looking at the cards, each player pick one card from his own pile and act out what’s on the card.
5. The other players will guess.
6. The first person to guess correctly gets to keep the card.
7. Winner is the player with the most cards.

Want to join us for a game?

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