Li-Ann’s Masterpieces, My Family

Magic Kiss – Good Way to Teach Numbers

LA: Where’s daddy?

Mom: Daddy is still sleeping. (An IDEA!!) LA can you use your magic kiss to wake daddy up? You must kiss daddy 5x on each cheek ok?

LA: Ok…(Walking quickly to my room…) Mommy, can you do on the other side? (Probably realising it’s A LOT of kissing to do)

Mom: (Wondering where she learnt to ‘avoid’ ‘work’…not compromising… and suppressing my snigger…) No, I can’t. It’s your magic kiss that will wake daddy up so you have to do it. Otherwise daddy won’t wake up. Remember to count.

LA: (Accepting her task…) Daddy wake up! Mooch…mooch…mooch… mooch…mooch…

Mom: (Looking on and helping to count…) 1..2..3..4..5…now, the other side…

LA: (Dutifully kissing daddy…) Mooch…mooch…mooch…mooch…mooch…

Daddy: (Trying to open his eyes…) Thank you LA!!

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