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My Experience at the ICC Tournaments in Singapore and Malaysia


In Singapore

When it was the YSG 1 students ‘ turn to speak, Aunty Wendy prayed for all of us. After she prayed, I didn’t feel nervous or pressured. I felt relieved. When I was telling my story, Aunty Audra was in the room listening to my speech. She smiled at me. I felt confident. I felt I have the power to stand on the stage n present to a big group of audience.

I followed my friends to the room and I cheered them on. I did a thumbs up and I smiled at them. I also said, ‘Go Faith go! You can do it!’

When it was not my turn to speak, my friends and I went to watch the older kids speak. We listened to the Original Adaption and Cultural Storytelling speeches. I like Aaron and Owen’s Original Adaption about Beth and Dunkin. It was interesting, dramatic and funny. I like the part about them competing to see who can see the most burgers.

I made new friends. There was Amanda, Faith and Aiden. Zoe was there too.

In Malaysia

It doesn’t feel difficult at all. I don’t feel pressured. I feel calm. I knew what to do. I went to one room at a time. My speaking went well. At the second round of the tournament, I lost my Favourite Bible Verse script, but I still remembered my speech and carried on. When I did my impromptu speech – How can Teamwork be Better than Working Alone, I remember one of the points is ‘many hands make light work’.

I made new friends with the girls from the learning centre. I feel happy because I did well.


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