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Celebration of Innovation

When I heard that the tournament would be moved online, I didn't know what to feel. On the one hand, I was happy because it was a form of innovation, but I felt sad because I wouldn't be seeing my friends in real life and the ViBEs  would be off. But I discovered it was… Continue reading Celebration of Innovation

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HS e-Convention: Meaningful.Unique.Awesome

Li-Ann says...High School DayEverything went well and they liked my speech. I am relieved I didn't have to speak in front of people. Because I feel nervous if I have to speak in front of an audience. Li-Ann speaking on 'Inspiration from Art' Curriculum FairI write down what I want to say. My mom and… Continue reading HS e-Convention: Meaningful.Unique.Awesome

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FIRST SG Homeschool e-Convention 2020

‘Should we postpone the convention?’‘Should we bring the whole convention online?’‘How will we do it?’ ‘What about the speeches?’ ‘How about Village?’ ‘Can the Curriculum Fair go online?’ ‘What about security?’ Those were some of the questions the organisation team had to wrestle with for a whole week in February this year when the government stepped up the risk… Continue reading FIRST SG Homeschool e-Convention 2020

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The First Dual ICCFS In SG and MY

During the tournament in Singapore, I had a very bad cough and sore throat. On the day itself, my voice was 3 times lower than usual, and my energy level was horrible. However, this did not stop me from goofing around with friends that I don't see on a weekly OR monthly basis. Since I… Continue reading The First Dual ICCFS In SG and MY

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National Service – A Homeschooler’s Perspective

*Record scratch. Freeze frame* Yep that’s me. You're probably wondering how I got here. It all started when I received a letter on my birthday. To my surprise, it was a birthday card from the government, congratulating me and telling me that the time had finally come for me to serve the nation. I scrambled… Continue reading National Service – A Homeschooler’s Perspective