Adventure with Jesus

8 September 2006


I’m so thankful that the drain that I came home with was removed this morning. At least I don’t have to lug the ‘little pet’ around with me anymore.

The purpose of the drain was to drain off any excess fluids and blood that the body is unable to re-channel or absorb. As the body recovers, it should be able to do that. In fact Wednesday evening, John accidentally pulled the tube to my drain and one of the connections came loose. Thinking everything will be fine after I taped it back, I left it. But as I sat watching TV close to midnight, I found my shirt wet at the underarm. OOPS!!! It’s leaking!!! My only concern was that the dampness won’t cause any infection to the wound. A friend offered to send me to the A&E while hubby stayed home to watch the children.

After all the administrative procedures, I waited for about an hour and a half for the surgeon on call to change my dressing and put back the vacuum into the drain bottle. He was held up in the OT with some juniors. By the time I got home it was past 5am. I’m so thankful that Chee Meng was able to feed the children breakfast and my mom came by earlier to help. It was only with my mom’s help that I was able to recover on my sleep. I’m so thankful for my good friend who so willingly drove me there as she had a very long day with the children and she was very tired plus she still had to go home to feed her baby in the wee hours of the morning. She shared that she was quite a zombie the next day. Thankfully she was able to send her oldest girl to another friend’s house to play so she only had to handle her 2 younger boys. But as we kept each other company, we caught up and shared. It was precious time.

I thought everything was fine but it still leaked on Thursday. Apparently the drain is blocked. The breast care nurse whom I called told me to put gauze on it so that my clothes will not be wet and to go back this morning so they could review me. I’m so so thankful that the wound is not infected. Please pray that

– there’ll be minimum fluids coming out from the wound

– the wound will dry up soon – the nurse said within about 2 days – so I can have a proper shower

– the body will be able to absorb or re-channel the fluids so that there’ll be no fluid collection near the wound area and hence no need for any procedures to draw out the fluids by syringe

I’m also thankful for the moms who are so efficient in their meal arrangements I find I really have nothing to worry about. As a friend said – I should just sit back and ministered to. Ok I’m trying to tell myself not to be paisah to ask for help. Afterall, my skin is quite thick right? And the food is DELICIOUS!!!! My mom thought so too. Are you drooling? I’m so BLESSED 🙂 I thought this is also a good time to pick up new recipes. Heeheehee….Thank you, my sisters and also an extra BIG thank you to their husbands for their support for their wives and me. Otherwise we will go hungry….

I’m also very thankful to friends who have given me rides to the hospital for my appointments. At least my mom feels assured that I’m taken care of.

I was doing my devotion just now and was reminded that with Jesus, life is always an adventure, although not void of challenges and suffering, and life will not be boring. Ya exactly so with what happened during the last couple of days.

Joshua 3:5

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.”

Holding on tight and seat belts on? It could be a roller-coaster ride!!!! And it has only just begun…..


PS Seeing the surgeon on the biopsy results on 13 Sep. Will update then 🙂

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