Decisions III – Update

27 Mar 2006


Thank you for praying along with me and my family. Here’s the latest update on my side.

I got to know that the smaller lump also showed up on the first mammogram that I took. The doctors and specialists met up today and thought the smaller lump looks kind of suspicious and they are suggesting a mastectomy. One reason is coz if they find invasive cells near the edges of the lump, and if I have only taken the 2 lumps, then I may have to go in for another surgery to take out more tissue to check. Tthe other reason is Asian ladies do not have much breast tissue so if too much is taken out, the breast may look  deformed so perhaps a mastectomy may be a better option. Hubby and I are of the same view so we will go for mastectomy.

I will meet the doctors and nurses this coming Wednesday to talk about procedures and also to draw blood for checks. I will also talk to a plastic surgeon about reconstruction.  The earliest date for surgery is this Thursday, 30 mar, otherwise it will be next Thursday. We are of the view to remove whatever that’s foreign asap. During the surgery they will also remove the first lymph node to do an initial check and if it’s clear, they’ll leave the rest and send it for further checks. If while under GA, they find the cancer cells in the first lymph node, they will proceed to remove the next 10-20 lymph nodes. They will also have to do this if the further checks reveal suspicious cells. So it may mean that I have to go in for another surgery.

Please pray:

*cancer cells are contained in the lumps and have not gone to the lymph nodes

*whether I should consider reconstruction surgery-right now I’m still unsure if I want to go for this. Hubby has reassured me repeatedly that he’s ok even if I don’t go through it. Reconstruction is a major surgery and recovery will take longer-the cut on the tummy is gonna be LONG. We are not too concerned with aesthetics. Psychologically I know I have to live with it. With the prosthesis I don’t think it’s that bad. Hubby said it’s like wearing a very padded bra. I need wisdom on this.

*good health to go through the surgery and smooth recovery- if everything is well, I should go home after a day when I wake up and can eat and walk about. They’ll teach me simple exercises to help me recover.

*Good babysitting arrangements-my mom is sent to the ICU today coz her heartbeats were irregular. They noticed it about a few months back when she went for her body checkup but they felt it was alright. She doesn’t have any history of heart problems and always been healthy. I suspect she is probably concerned about how I am coping and wants to relieve me as much as possible. She was even thinking of coming by to see the children today after work. Sigh…I thank God for my mom. I spoke to her and found that she was calm. In fact when I asked her what she was doing, she said she was praying for both of us to be strong to go through this. PTL!!!! She is also concerned about my brother who has a more melancholic disposition and is prone to depression. I shared with my parents that I’m doing fine and God has given me peace and that if they are at all concerned, then they pray for me. I can see how the evil one is working. I want them to see how God is moving. Please pray for protection for them. Please pray for their salvation. I pray that God will speak to their hearts very clearly about who He is. I also pray that this will draw my mom and I closer to each other.

*God’s provision regarding hubby’s job situation

*extra strength for hubby

*good rest for hubby

*children will not be too difficult to manage

*the family will be able to adapt to changes quickly

*we will rely TOTALLY on the Lord

*we will continue to give thanks

Please give thanks:

*found out that the group that we’ve signed up for the church outreach project (40 days of purpose) is also part of God’s plan. The host is very kind and would like to share in our burdens.

*tonight hubby was doing family worship, actually I wasn’t with them as I was busy making some calls, with the children and he sensed the songs and even the devotion spoke to him-that the battle belongs to the Lord and that victory is already ours. The devotion also spoke to him about God’s protection for us. He was very assured of the Lord’s providence and felt God’s peace. PTL!!!!

*God has provided 2 excellent moms to help me to babysit the children while I meet with the doctors and also for the day of surgery. Thank you so much mommies 🙂

*arrangements can be made so quickly

*prayers and encouragement from friends, family and church members

*forgot to say that Li-Ann has gained a lot more weight. Her last weight
is 7.59kg, gotta take off a little for her diaper. That calls for a celebration!!! And I could sense that she is steadily putting on more weight.

*Li-Ann is also more responsive now and enjoys playtime, even when the older 2 are rough with her. I can’t understand her excitement but I’m happy that she’s happy 🙂 she is also more able to vocalise her preferences now. PTL!!!

Thank you so much for going through all these with us.

Will update you again.


PS. Here are a couple of websites on my situation. A friend was so kind to forward them to me 🙂 If you are interested you could read up more:

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