God Is Dealing With Me

18 August 2006

Hi friends

I had wanted to share at length what God has taught me for the past week as I fast and wait upon Him. But I felt led to just share simply some important areas of learning.

1. God is chastening me for my self-righteousness and my judgemental attitude on people around me. I had to release all these unto Him and to pray for Him to bless. It was very painful but I know I need it. Until God cleanses me, I will be so filthy and hence only fit to be thrown away but He’s gracious. He has forgiven me. I’m so thankful for the gift of righteousness.

2. Through #1, I’ve learnt that there could be deeper roots to my lumps and am reading this book by Henry Wright ‘A More Excellent Way: Be In Health – Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness’ and I continue to ask God what else He wants me to clear with Him.

3. I’ve also read Pastor Joseph Prince’s ‘Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion’. And I’ve got a new perspective on what Holy Communion is all about. I was privileged when my pastor came with a few sisters-in-Christ on Wednesday afternoon to fellowship and pray with me. I was also given Holy Communion.

4.From #1 and #2, now I have to obey God. I know that in what I think, do and say, they must all edify and not destroy. Otherwise better not say or do. This is my assignment this week.

5. Chee Meng and I brought Li-Ann for prayer for healing last Tuesday evening. It dawned on me that it’ll be good if John and Rebecca were with us. I sensed that if the Lord wants to use the family, then the WHOLE family MUST be clean. We will go for healing next evening, the WHOLE family.

How about the scans? The scans are clear, which means the cancer cells are localised in the armpit area. I’ve requested the doctor to take the cells from the lump and test again. I will see him next week for the test results. Until then, my prayer is that God will guide my EVERY thought, EVERY word, my EVERY step.

I want to trust my God.

Thank you for remembering me, sharing your insights with me and praying for my healing.

Love you all


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