God’s Timing

6 Oct 2006

Hi everyone!!!

How has your week been? I’m well. Let me share the latest first – I didn’t go for my chemo treatment on 5 Oct. The CT scan for my lungs still shows the infection patch and it seems to have worsen. The technician is suspecting TB. I laughed when I heard that. I’m not sure how the conclusion was drawn. There are no symptoms and I’m not even coughing, just clearing my throat now and then. Now I know why people refuse to go for body checkups. Anyhow I’m not anxious. They took a phlegm sample from me to test and I will see the respiratory doctor next week for results and treatment.  The oncologist just wants to make sure I’m in good health before the treatment starts. She’s happy that it’s not cancer and she said that TB is treatable. My friend who was with me found it hard to believe too. We had a good time catching up tough. This is a weird turn but I’m thankful for some breathing time to adjust back to home routine and also to get my mom going on the cooking and chores again. I’m leaving everything in God’s hands.

My holiday in HK was GOOD!! We didn’t do much shopping, only bought a couple of jackets for the children. We went to the Space Museum, Science Museum and also Ocean Park. If only we had more time in these places. They are very fun, even for me. We are thankful that the children enjoyed themselves. We also walked the streets and looked up some good eating places. While some may feel it’s a chore to bring THREE children for holiday, we found it a challenge everytime we are out and that’s when God gave us creative ideas to manage the children and the situation. What’s best was I managed to visit a friend’s church on Sunday  and caught up with another friend and her family for dinner. The church service was good – the pastor preached on the book of Esther. I thought that was very appropriate. Although God was not mentioned, His hand was in every activity. Esther was placed in the palace for a purpose and she wisely asked Mordecai to rally people to pray for her as she deliberated on her decision. She took the risk and saved her people. We were encouraged to have people who’ll support us in the family of Christ and not those like the confidantes of the King, who flattered the King and would not rock the boat. I’m thankful for all of you who are praying for me. Thank you for standing in the gap. Thank you for all your encouragement because that helps remind me to look to our Lord no matter what happens.

You won’t believe how I ended up at my friend’s house for dinner. Her name is J. Through another friend, J invited me to her church and also to her house for dinner with her Christian Korean colleagues. They would also take communion together and thereafter carry lanterns. Chee Meng wasn’t keen as he was not familiar with the people. Anyhow I managed to persuade him to go. I wanted to go as I want to partake in the Holy Communion with those in the family. Frankly I also didn’t know who J is – I didn’t know if she’s married or if she has any children. I only had a vague idea that she could be from my secondary school. Later on, my friend confirmed that. We also realised that her home is far from our hotel and we had to make the choice to go. Although I wavered, I still felt prompted to go. When I saw her, I realised my guess was right. She also didn’t quite know who I was. We didn’t know each other well in school and knew each other only by face. I was very thankful for the priority that they placed on taking communion – we had it even before dinner.  I thank God for the bond of love. Her colleagues were very kind and shared and encouraged me to pray for healing and to wait upon Him and receive His blessings. J even reminded me that I can still celebrate my anniversary despite my treatment. I’m so thankful for the reminders and the sharing from the Word. They also prayed for me before we went off. This is certainly no coincidence – it’s definitely God’s timing. I’m amazed at how perfect His timing is.

How did we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary? We just spent time together talking after the children slept and also to renew our vows, even to include mandane things that we would bear with each other until death parts us. I’m just thankful that we could take a holiday in HK – I would consider that my anniversary gift. Although 10 years sounds long but we didn’t think it was that long, especially when we were busy with the children. It’s certainly important to spend our time wisely. Time does fly.

Give thanks
1. I have God’s peace regardless of this turn in events.
2. We enjoy our holiday and the family had time to bond together.
3. God ministered to me through my friends. He has given me new friends.
4. We have some time to adjust back to routine after our holiday.
5. Li-Ann is developing well and enjoys playing with her siblings. We are very excited about all that she can do. She can walk a few steps without assistance.
6. Friends have come forward to offer their help in different areas.

Please pray
1. God will give assurance to my parents and in-laws that He heals and restores.
2. My parents and in-laws will be kept in good health.
3. Family members will all be well, in view of this bad haze.
4. We will focus on what is priority.
5. The infection in the lung is not TB. Healing for the infection.

I will update you next week after I see the doctor. Thank you for being there.

Love you all


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