Jesus – My Healer and My Light

6 November 2006

Dearest Friends

Thank you for upholding me in prayers for the past week.

I finally met with the oncologist in National Cancer Centre (NCC) today. How did it go? It was VERY GOOD. I’m so thankful. Please thank God for the following:

1. I was given time to TALK – v important to me, for those of you who know me. I was in the doctor’s office for almost 1.5 hours. Your jaw dropped already? I couldn’t believe it myself either. For any doctor, public or private, I would be very thankful if I’m given 1/2 hour of  their attention. I could be his last patient before lunch, or it was a very light day or he had a very heavy breakfast or…whatever it is, I thank God He gave me time.
2. As I didn’t start my surgery at the NCC, he wanted to know what happened from March till now. He is a very calm doctor, who took time to understand what was going on and clarifying where he was unsure. He seems to know his facts and would support what he puts forth. He allowed me to ask my questions and answered to the best of his ability. He acknowledged that it will be a long 6-month treatment and he said he’ll do what he can to move me on. He’s also honest about the imperfections of technology.  In spite of  the urgency  to begin chemotherapy,  it certainly was not reflected in his demeanor – nothing seem to move him. WAH! You should see him – he steady man!!!
3. And thanks to the doctor’s clear explanations, today I finally understand my situation much better. I realise that because my cancer cells are aggressive, I must have chemotherapy and the regime could be aggressive as well. The lumps in the lymph nodes could be a recurrence if my case is a HER 2 +ve (as I mentioned previously I am a borderline +ve) as these cancer cells are very aggressive and it is possible that 9 out of 14 lymph nodes are affected within a span of a few months. He felt that my last pregnancy might have also hastened the multiplication of the cancer cells. The assumption of TB is that they would rather over treat than under treat as they do not want the inflammation to worsen during chemotherapy. You see the light I am seeing? So BRIGHT right? Thank God for the Light!!!!
4. The report of the surgery shows no maglinancy. PTL!! They also cannot confirm if it’s the TB bacteria at this point in time. The cultures will be ready in a couple of months’ time. So I will see a lady lung doctor this Thursday to know how she intends to treat me. If it’s TB treatment, I may begin chemotherapy next week. If she wants more tests to be done, it may take another week.
5. The proposed chemo regime will be in 8 cycles, once in 3 weeks. However, the last 4 cycle is suggested to be done in 12 cycles, meaning I will have to go once a week for treatment. That’s supposed to reduce the side effects of the drug. So I gotta be poked 16 times – and that’s not including blood tests and whatever tests that requires poking. What I’m thankful for is that the duration of each treatment is not long. For the first 4 cycles, the treatment time is about 1/2h while the latter 12 is about an hour each. The doctor was concerned about my logistics for the last 12 cycles as I stay in Choa Chu Kang. I shared that I’ll resolve that when it’s time plus a friend rightly pointed out that I won’t be driving – I will be driven. So anyone free to catch up for a couple of hours? Let me know 🙂
6. I went to a session that shared more about chemotherapy, side effects and all and how I can take care of myself etc. It was very informative. While it’s the doctor who orders the treatment, the nurses would be the ones to administer the treatment and counsel the patients.
7. The last of my sutures have been removed and it’s drying up very nicely. PTL!
8. The PT at NUH had also graduated Li-Ann from his PT sessions. Now we just continue to encourage Li-Ann to walk and wait for her to do so independently. He reminded me the importance to take care of myself. I thank God that I don’t have many regular appointments to keep for Li-Ann and that frees me up for my treatment.
9. I went for Lighthouse’s Miracle Service on Saturday and the pastor spoke about the choices we need to make. What a right time to talk about choices; I was thinking about them the last week. After his message, I realise why my head was so heavy then – I forgot my BEST option – to draw near to God because He’s my HEALER. I was so distracted with WHERE to seek treatment that I forgot WHO is the ultimate healer. I’m so thankful I went for the service.  My devotion, Blessed Disciple’ by Beth Moore, also reminded me ‘Jesus knows what motivates you to do the things you do. All He requires to meet our needs is that we allow Him to draw near to us, talk to us and change us.’

Please pray for the following:
1. Everyone in the family will be well – the children are recovering from their cold. Hubby is FINALLY healed of his cough. PTL!!!!
2. Wisdom to accurately share it with the children.
3. Hubby and I to stand as one and there’ll be no disagreement between us. Sensitive to the deception of the evil one and to take ALL thoughts captive unto the Lord.
4. Family’s quick adaption to changes and  new routines.
5. Wisdom for the doctors to know what drugs to prescribed.
6. Friendly, patient, empathetic and approachable nurses.
7. God’s provision especially in the areas of transport and finances. I found out that the Herceptin drug, if I have to take it if I’m HER 2 +ve, is about $35k-$40k a year. I’m supposed to take for 1 year. I’m not sure how much medishield and medisave covers. I’m also checking up what other subsidies I’m eligible for.
8. Protection for the body – there’s minimal or no side effects.
9. Efficiency in getting some reports from NUH to help the oncologist at NCC piece up his puzzle.

Thank you for sharing in my uplifted spirit 🙂


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