Protection of the Body

9 November 2006

Hi hi

I met with the Lung doctor today. She is a senior doctor and I heard she is renowed in her field. She certainly helps put my situation into perspective. I asked her if there’s any chance that the TB medication can clear up other infections not caused by the TB drug, she said it’s unlikely as the drug is very specific plus the component for treating other infections is very weak. As my phlegm samples show no signs of the TB bacteria, there’s no need for isolation n there’s also no need for my family to be checked. I’m so thankful for tt. So I got the TB medication today and will start taking them tomorrow. It will be for 6-9 months. The doctor will monitor me for my liver function on a regular basis. The first one is one week later.

We have decided to try to seek financial assistance through the Medical Social Welfare (MSW) and also the Cancer Society.

Chemotherapy may begin next Monday.

Please pray
* Protection for the body – Minimal or no side effects
* Body to function according to God’s design
* Provision for financial needs
* Focus on God and not on my situation

Thank you.


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