Second Opinion

19 October 2006


I saw the doctor on Wednesday for the results of the second phlegm sample and it’s still negative for TB. Good news yes but in some sense also not good as it’s not known what it is. The chest x-ray shows the patches as well. I’m still for the view that I’ll not be treated for TB unless it’s for sure. I got whatever reports I needed and also a CD-ROM of my scans for a 2nd opinion. Why this move? As I reflected on what has happened over the past few months, I am asking myself how comfortable I am with the doctors who are handling my case and how much I can trust them. I found that there are information that I am not told, doctors who don’t seem to be working together and I don’t get much empathy at all.

I got a referral from my dad’s eye doctor, he’s a very nice and compassionate doctor, who is at the National Eye Centre. I asked him to refer me to a doctor who’s as nice as he is. While I would prefer a doctor from the Cancer Centre, the wait is too long and so I went and see this specialist, Dr W, at her own private clinic. I’m thankful that she is a believer. She shared what she thinks of the case – many things that I do not know, and was very willing to listen to me. She could see how this whole thing would affect my family, even my treatment, cost etc. I’m thankful for the empathy there. She found my case perplexing and was wondering how I could put up with all that was going on; she thought I extended a lot of grace to them. Have I? Really? Anyhow, I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with them. I’m quite tired of being left hanging. Dr W got me an appointment with a doctor at SGH who’ll do a scope for the patches in my lungs and hopefully find out what it is. The appointment is tomorrow at 2pm. I just need to go to the polyclinic to get a referral so I can get the subsidy. Thankfully hubby remembered a friend who works in a polyclinic as a doctor. How come I didn’t know that? That’s SUPER important information!!! So I’ll see him tomorrow morning to get that piece of paper. I’m so thankful for all these providences. In fact on my way out, Dr W even asked me to go get people to pray that it’s not cancer.

Please pray

-that the patches could be easily resolved, that it’s negative for TB and cancer
-the family to be reminded of God’s absolute control
-God’s providence in terms of the cost of the treatment and good doctors
-for wisdom to know how to relate to the children, especially John as we find him very hard to handle of late; a friend suggests that he may be reacting to my situation
-good health for me to go through whatever tests or treatment that may be necessary
-COMPLETE healing

Thank you for praying for me 🙂

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