Thank God I’m Doing Well

24 May 2006

Hi Friends

Thank you for praying for me and asking about me. I appreciate your love and concern. I’m recovering very well. Home routines are back to normal.

The following are recent updates:

-I met with the oncologist this Monday and informed her of my decision not to take tamoxifen. She accepted my decision although she thought the risks involved is not high considering the extensiveness of the tumour. I appreciate her sharing her views. I’ve also asked her to refer me to a nutritionist in NUH-the closest is a dietician. The appointment is next Thursday. I will see what she says.

-I have stopped taking meats and dairy products. Meats and dairy will not be used in my cooking at home and hubby is ok with that. Many friends and family members have reminded me to make sure I get enough nutrients like protein and calcium. Thank you for that reminder. I’m reminding myself to be alert regarding the nutrition of the whole family. However, I go easy on the children when we eat out, which is about 3 meals out of 21 meals in a week. So currently I’m trying out v interesting n tasty vegetarian recipes on the internet. Some friends have also share their recipes with me. Thank you. This is my latest project n it is actually quite exciting!!

-I have also put in more time to take walks with the family. Really need to sweat it out n get some oxygen into my system. Sure feels GOOD!!! Good exercise for the children too. Cannot wait for Li-Ann to start walking so she can join us too 🙂

-I’m also taking plant products to strengthen my immune system and also to detox my body. I’m seeing some effects. The products are very good. Would love to share more if you are keen to find out. Some may think that I’m ‘selling’ the product or company. But I’m not. All along I’ve been pretty much against taking medication, although I know there is a place for medicine. If I have a choice, I won’t take medicine or give them to my children to help them recover. Coz I’m just putting more chemicals into the body. After the past 3-4 years’ reading about food and nutrition, I realise our diet n lifestyle is very important. What’s important is also our immune system. If our immune system is strong then chances of us falling sick will be less. So far the family is healthy. I am thankful.

Please continue to give thanks for God’s goodness on the family.
-supportive and loving hubby
-helpful and healthy children
-wonderful family times together
-church mates, friends and family who love me and are praying for me and the family

Please pray for
-COMPLETE healing.
-alertness and sensitivity to any changes in my body.
-God will teach me to let go of unimportant things and to learn to love people MORE.
-enough rest and strength for each day.
-to continue to read and find out about the importance of food and nutrition on our health.
-Li-Ann to start walking soon-am doing exercises with her to strengthen her muscles.
-parents’ and brother’s salvation.
-God to show me how I can use my gifts to share and encourage many others to know Jesus.

Have a good weekend 🙂


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