Decisions I – Thanksgiving

17 Mar 2006

Hi everyone

How have you been? We are doing well. The 1st quarter of the year has gone by and we have a few thanksgiving items:

-our application for exemption for john has been approved!! HURRAY!!! We were really excited when we received the letter. It took us about 2 weeks to get the approval.
-Li-Ann is cruising more confidently now n would try to do so even between gaps or even if she has to make a 180 deg turn. The physiotherapist is confident that she will walk b4 18 mths. I’m so encouraged by his confidence and resolved to do whatever I can to help her-LOTS n LOTS of exercise for Li-Ann.
-Li-Ann 1st tooth is coming out. And it sure is sharp!! Ouch!! Got bitten a few times by her. I’m happy to see that 1st tooth. Come to think of it I have not taken a photo of her n her new tooth….
-Li-Ann is also more responsive now n would fuss when she is unhappy. She will also try to get our attention by making noises, calling mama, (still testing if she’s calling me) or scratching or pulling us. She is particularly thrilled when her older siblings play with her n would laugh out v loud. So funny…:)
-with the means test, the fees that we have to pay at rainbow centre is still v reasonable.
-John and Rebecca are excellent helpers at home. I’m constantly amazed at what Rebecca can do. She is another little one that I can stretch. And John is doing a great job at showing her the ropes.
-my three little blessings: john, Rebecca and Li-Ann.
-my big blessing: papa
-my pillar and strength: Jesus

Please pray for us as well:
-I’m in the process of getting the Abeka language curriculum for john from the US and am considering how I can save on the shipping or pay minimum. It can be as much as S$100. My plan is to get grades 1 and 2 at
the same time as I believe John will breeze through grade 1 and will need grade 2 possibly within the year.
-I’m beginning to do more structured things with Rebecca. I need wisdom to know how to teach so she can learn effectively.
-God will confirm our conviction to homeschool and to prepare us to share that with our family members with love, grace and firmness. So far we have no pressure from either parents. We pray that everything will be according to His Perfect time.
-Li-Ann will walk soon.
-Li-Ann will want to drink water. I’m hoping to pray until I see breakthrough in this. now v challenging to get her to drink water- she will turn her head away or push my hand/the cup away.
-wisdom to help Li-Ann progress in her development
-God’s providence for the family as hubby’s company is still undergoing restricting.
-found a lump on my right breast. Biopsy results will be out in one week. Pray for results to be favourable and lump can be easily removed.

Thank you for remembering us. I appreciate all the encouragement, prayers n emails. I thank God that I can count on you to pray for us.


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