Treatment Time

28 Sep 2006


Chee Meng and I went to see the oncologists today about my treatment. I will begin chemotherapy first and then followed by radiotherapy and finally hormonal therapy. Prior to that, the doctor wants me to get a scan of my heart and lungs. For the latter it’s because the previous time when I did my scan, there seemed to be some infection and she wants to make sure it’s all clear before treatment starts. These 2 scans will take place next Wednesday in the late morning.

Chemotherapy will begin next Thursday. We probably will take the medication together with the blood booster which means the therapy will be once in 2 weeks, meaning the whole course will finish in 4 months time. Radiotherapy will start 3 weeks after that and it will be for 5 weeks, 5 days a week, 1/2h per session.

How am I doing? I didn’t feel good upon hearing the news really because the doctor was very clinical about it. The day that I’m starting the treatment happens to be my wedding anniversary, 5 Oct. Chee Meng tried his best to reassure me but my emotions were not quite taken care of. I don’t blame him because we are made differently. I’m appreciative that he was with me. I was thankful that I could call a friend and share with her and she hear me out. I’m agreeable to it because I know hubby wants me to go through the treatment.

Please pray

1. There will be minimal or no side effects.
2. I will go through the treatment in good health, joy and peace – will appreciate friends who come by to visit to be in good health.
3. Good health for the family – be it physically, emotionally or spiritually.
4. Good health for my parents – they are concerned for me. I’ve assured them that I’m fine and whenever they think of me, to pray for me. My mom has been monitoring her weight and she has lost a little weight. Pray that God will protect her. My dad feels inadequate and wished he didn’t have his stroke. Pray that he’ll not blame himself.
5. God to strengthen hubby in all areas and give him wisdom to manage things at home.
6. We will have continued assurance that God is in TOTAL control.

We are taking a short holiday to HK from 29 Sep till 3 Oct. Pray for a good time of family bonding, for safety and resourcefulness. We are all very excited about the trip. But I’m determine to enjoy the holiday and I know the Lord will not want me to keep focusing on my situation.

We appreciate all the help that was given to us and may need more help in future. I don’t quite know what yet. But I know I would love company when I go to the hospital. So any volunteers??

Thank you for being there 🙂

Good night


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