Casual Coincidences?

13 April 2007

Although I was depressed, I was in awe at how God met my needs and wants. Here’s what my awesome God did…

* A neighbour, whom I’ve never met, told me that his hair had started to grow again. I felt the Lord telling me that life will return to normal. 

* A friend told me she bought more packs of the clothes washing detergent so I could get from her once I run out of mine. Thank you for thinking of me 🙂

* A friend who lived overseas told me that I can always call or email her and she would pray with me. She reminded me that nothing will happen without the Lord’s hand in it. Yes, that reminder kept coming through even as I was battling with those negative thoughts.

* Another friend reminded me what peace is – not the absence of trouble but the presence of God.

* I was able to empathise with a friend as she was also going through some difficult family situation. God used our down times to encourage one another.

* The person who took my blood said he remembered me because of my name. I recalled how God used my name to gain me more friends when I was in college. He assured me I’m still the apple of His eye.

* An old friend who was tired out by her children’s illness shared the importance of rest as she knew that we can be grouchy when we are tired. That was a good reminder.

* A churchmate told me about a cousin who also had cancer but is living beyond the prognosis of the doctor.

* A lady from the Breast Cancer Foundation shared a similar roller coaster experience she had previously.

* Although a tupperware lady told me that she may not be able to get a black water bottle cover, she returned within 10 minutes when she found one in her car.

My doctor, when told of my aunty’s prognosis, told me usually it’s inaccurate. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you God for an objective doctor. 

* I had assurance that the body aches that I felt were due to the drugs and there was nothing wrong with me.

* The April weekly chemo sessions are in the morning so I can rest or be free from the children if I wish.

* The doctor was surprised that the children did not have coloured urine while on the antibiotics. I thank God for His protection. The latest is – all of them, including Li-Ann, are able to swallow the little tablet just with water.

* My lungs are clear and I will finish my TB medication by end April. I may be discharged after an x-ray in May.

* The radio oncologists were very kind and humourous.  They made me laugh a lot. As I recounted my medical history to them, I thank God for His protection.

* I had to seek my mom’s forgiveness over some unkind attitudes. Before I could finish, she kept telling me ‘Yes I’ll always forgive you.’ like at least 10 times. I felt the assurance of forgiveness from God.

* Mom willingly took over the children when she knew I needed to take a break. I thank God she is in good health.

*God gave me opportunities to talk myself out of the depression as I shared with a few close friends.

*Hubby was patient and urged me to talk to my friends.

I’m doing fine. However I suspect I am getting the cumulative but temporary effects of the drugs – lethargy, lower tolerance of noise/smells, isolated mouth ulcers and fussy tongue.  The weekly chemo sessions will end in April. My hair can be allowed to grow as the next course of drug, Herceptin, would not cause hair loss. This last course of chemotherapy will take me into the first quarter of 2008. Radiotherapy is scheduled to begin on 30 April. It will be for 25 working days. Doctors said I should be fine during the first 2-3 weeks but I may feel the fatigue, darkening and dryness of skin and shrinkage of breast tissue after that. I continue to pray for healing, good rest, good health, strength and no permanent side effects.


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