17 October 2007

God certainly is good. He knows WHEN I need to draw close to Him. On Monday morning, my mom had a blackout while driving. She was caught unaware and kept on driving. Thankfully there were no cars in front of her. She had a similar experience before her heart surgery. We went to see her doctor and he said my mom may need a pace maker. Meanwhile, my mom will not drive. As this is another surgery that involves the heart, I felt my mom should go for a second opinion. As I prayed and seek the Lord, He directed me my path.



  • I spoke to a girlfriend who had her pace maker implanted two years ago and is doing well now. She shared her own experiences and also gave me more information on good heart doctors in Singapore.
  • I spoke to my doctor friend who works at a polyclinic to get his views on what to do. First I need to get my mom’s ECG report.
  • Li-Ann had an appointment with her therapists at KKH in the morning. Hubby was babysitting the other two children at home. We left home at 7.15am.
  • At KKH while waiting, I kept asking God who I should go to for help. I was reminded of my dad’s eye doctor who is at the National Eye Centre. This eye doctor was the same one who gave me a referral in October 2006 when I wanted to see another breast specialist for a second opinion. I called his nurse and she suggested I call him personally in the afternoon in his clinic.
  • Since I was in town, I thought of picking up the ECG report. Got that done quickly.
  • While I had the car and only had Li-Ann with me, I thought I should get my mom her referral letter as well. So I went to my friend’s clinic after lunch; he happened to be working through lunch.
  • I met my dad who had an appointment with his stroke doctor so I could find out how things have been with my dad’s health.
  • I wasn’t sure if the eye doctor would remember me if I call him and so I thought it may be best and polite to go to his clinic to look for him. I persuaded my dad to go with me.
  • Li-Ann fell asleep on the way to the Eye Centre and continued to sleep even when I took her out.
  • When I was told the doctor was out, I decided to write him a note explaining why we were there.
  • Minutes after I finished writing the note, he walked by just right in front of us. When he knew we wanted to see him, he brought us to a cubicle so we could talk to him privately.
  • After explaining the situation, he told me to go and see his friend who is a very good heart doctor. It is the same heart doctor my girlfriend mentioned.
  • His nurse helped me to make an appointment. She kindly shared her experiences about her own mother who has heart problems. She reminded me of the importance to ask good questions, to find out more information and to be responsible for our own health. My mom will see the doctor at the National Heart Centre on 25 Oct morning.

It’s definitely a load off my mind. I’m really thankful to see the Lord’s hand in everything. Please pray that

  • the doctor will be kind, friendly and patient
  • the doctor is a good listener and is clear with his explanations
  • God will gives us wisdom to make the right decisions
  • my mom will be comfortable with the doctor
  • my mom will seek Jesus, trust in Him and accept Him as Lord and Saviour
  • God will protect my mom as she goes about her daily chores and as she helps me babysit the children when I go for my chemotherapy on Thursday, 18 Oct
  • God will provide for the expenses for the treatment/surgery
  • God will show me and constantly remind me what to let go when I handle the children all by myself

Thank you for praying for my mom. I will update you next week.




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