I Want To Be Radiant-active!!

5 February 2007

Hi friends

I went for my heart scan 2 weeks ago. This heart scan, medically known as MUGA, requires a radioactive substance to be injected into the body that will ‘light up’ the heart and so allow conclusions to be drawn about its health etc. And because of this, I would be radioactive for the following 24 hours. When I was in the room with the radiologist (I think that’s what they are called), I asked him if my heart looked like a Christmas tree. He said it looked bright like the sun. I was surprised at that description. While I was to lay still on the bed for 20 minutes for the scan, my heart kept leaping inside me shouting out, ‘I want to be radiant-active! I want to be radiant-active!’ And this children’s song came to mind

{Rise and shine

Give God the glory, glory} (3x)

Children of the Lord.

In the last two weeks, I saw many who shone…

1. I was picking up popiah that my friend made for our dinner one evening and I witnessed a scene I would never forget. When I walked into the house, I saw her three older children eating popiah happily and saying ‘hi’ to me in between bites while her hubby was holding onto the baby and munching contentedly. She welcomed me warmly and showed me how to wrap the popiah. Can you picture the love and joy in their home? I tell you, even her popiah shone. Somehow the one she wrapped for me tasted better than all those I wrapped for myself that evening. Thank you sister, for the shining popiah.

2. A brother shared on his reading on books about couple relationship and found one common denominator – commitment. He wanted to know what God desired for his relationship so he’ll go God’s Way and not his own. I appreciate the sharing. It is a good reminder. Thank you brother, for sharing the light.

3. I was with a good friend for an afternoon trying to catch up with her. However, we were occasionally interrupted by the children or calls to/from her hubby (they had something urgent to discuss). I learnt a precious lesson as we bore with these minor inconveniences – I observed that whether it was with her children or her husband, she tried to be as positive and as encouraging as possible and within a few sentences, she would verbally appreciate or affirm her husband or children. That’s something I need to learn – to be grateful and to say it. I was again reminded of this when I went to church on Sunday. Yes, help me Lord to radiate positive charges!

4. I had the privilege to fellowship with a brother who shared how God spoke to him and showed him the way to go. I heard him share with a sparkle in his eyes and excitement in his voice of his dreams and passion and how he would await instructions and peace from the Boss before proceeding. I could feel the fire in him and I was on fire too!!! WOW!!! It’s such a joy and adventure to serve the Lord. I’m not sure I dare to dream like him – those were BIG dreams. But I thank God that if He gives us the dreams to dream, then nothing is too big for Him. Thank you brother, for the fire of passion to put God first and to seek His Dream.

5. One weekend afternoon, I was out meeting up with a few friends. I left the house with Li-Ann running a fever. What worried me was that she was rather lethargic and sleepy. All the time when I was not with her, I prayed for her and also for hubby to be able to manage the children. When I came home, I saw hubby getting ready for dinner while holding Li-Ann. That was a beautiful sight to behold (also recall the father I mentioned in #1) – I know this sounds weird but I could almost see the halo over his head. I’m really thankful for all the fathers who are involved in the lives of their children. Your presence means a lot to your children and your wives. Thank you dear, for babysitting the children while I met with my girlfriends.

6. I’m so thankful to go to church on Sunday with my family. I really missed praising the Lord with the church, listening to the sermons and fellowshipping with those in the family of Christ. Thank you for your prayers, your gifts, your warm handshakes and your loving hugs. They brightened my heart.

7. Another friend volunteered to cook for us once a week. I’m really touched by her cheerfulness whether we were on the phone or via sms. You know what’s the best part?  She makes her own nogh hiang!! When she told me that, my mouth watered and I knew instantly it’ll be delicious. Thank you sister, for adding joy to your cooking.

8. As I pen down my thoughts and reflections, I’m reminded of my English tuition teacher during my upper primary/lower secondary days who patiently guided me and broadened my scope in the learning of the English Language. I believed he helped me set good foundations for my writing. Thank you teacher.

9. I will begin my weekly chemotherapy on 9 February. Finally, I have to face my Goliath. But with all the light that’s shining all around me, I can’t help being lighted up too. I pray that as God shines His Light for me, my heart will be as bright as the noonday sun so no one will miss my Good Jesus, the Son of God.

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.


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