Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh Heaven is in My Heart

12 October 2007

Many times I sing or hum this song, giving thanks for His Heaven in my heart.

Heaven is…

  • Having a head of black and curly hair – the latter was rather unexpected; I’m still getting used to it.
  • Having friends tell me that I look good with this ‘new’ hairdo. They say short hair is ‘in’.
  • Having friends ask about me when they have not received updates from me. Thank you.
  • When a girlfriend, who has been experiencing great discomfort while expecting #4, sms me to find out how I’m doing and say she would pray for me.
  • Having friends who are wonderful cooks and are helping us with our meals.
  • Having received a devotion material from a friend that is simple yet encouraging.
  • When this officer at the immigration gave good advice and directions as to what I should do when I needed to update the children’s photos. I saved both time and money.
  • When the nurses shared their discouragement when they could not get my vein at the first try during chemotherapy.
  • Having my doctors tell me that I look good and well.
  • When I know my chemotherapy would end in December 2007 before Christmas. YEA!!
  • Having good neighbours who’ll even help look after our plants or receive deliveries on my behalf.
  • Hubby has a good and stable job.
  • Going on a date with hubby to celebrate our anniversary.
  • Preparing simple meals with the children.
  • Going out with the children and having fun with them.
  • Being able to stay home with the children.
  • Recording Li-Ann’s achievements and celebrating them.
  • Seeing how Li-Ann has improved in her speech, fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.
  • Hearing Li-Ann sing the three fold ‘Amen’. She sings it happily when we cheer her on.
  • Knowing that God will provide the right people to help Li-Ann at the right time.
  • Having Rebecca call out for me when her tummy was painful; I’m thankful I was needed.
  • Receiving good reports that John is doing well in his tutorial classes.
  • Having John and Rebecca tell me they enjoy their swimming classes.
  • Knowing that my parents and in-laws are healthy and well.
  • Knowing that my parents would help me with the children and chores whenever possible.
  • Knowing that my brothers and sisters-in-law remember us and would help in our times of need.
  • Receiving phone calls from my in-laws asking if I’m doing alright.
  • Giving and receiving hugs from friends and family.
  • Knowing that friends and family members are praying for me.
  • God giving me people whom I can encourage.
  • Knowing that with each valley comes a hill. God will give me His grace wherever I am.
  • Knowing that God is ALWAYS there for me and He loves me A LOT.

I pray you will experience Heaven in your hearts too.


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