Who’s The Mastermind?

The Objective: 

* To give hubby a memorable and relaxing
birthday-cum-Father’s Day celebration
The Criteria: 
* 2D1N stay in a local hotel – could not afford anywhere overseas
* Without children – hubby needed a break from them
* Not too costly – the Finance Director might interrogate me for
The Main Characters:
* My sister-in-law
* My parents
* My hubby
* Me
* Mastermind

As I secretly hatched this plot, trying HARD to contain my
excitement, I asked my friends and my hubby’s siblings
for help. One of his sisters offered us her voucher, as a
gift to him, so we could have a free one night stay in
one of the luxurious hotels in town. Parking was free
as his office was nearby.

When THE day came, I said ‘bye’ to hubby in the
morning, packed my luggage, drove the children to my
mom’s, ate lunch with a friend (was almost discovered
by hubby but luckily I hid FAST) and met my sister-in-law.
She kindly helped me check-in and then left me to work
out the rest of my plot. Thank you sister for your love and
generosity :-) That reminds me: we still owe you a lunch.

I met hubby, who had taken half day leave, and told him
it would just be the two of us. When the room was ready,
I led him, sniggering silently, with his eyes closed (sshhing
everyone in our way) to the hotel room. When he opened
his eyes, he wondered why we were in the hotel room and 
thought I was going to embarrass him. I almost rolled on
the floor with laughter. When I told him, he was surprised
beyond words. Then he kept thanking me. He didn’t even
suspect anything all this while. I’m thankful for his ‘blurrness’.

Instantly he sunk into the bed, refusing to budge, surfing his
channels and enjoying his rest. He also relaxed under the rain
shower and soaked in the long bath. We had a good dinner at
‘Curry Favour’ (they are at Stamford Road and serve very
delicious Japanese curry), took a leisurely bus/MRT ride,
shopped at Takashimaya till all doors were locked except the
main one, slept in late and had brunch the next day. The children
took a holiday too – with grandma and grandpa. They enjoyed
their stay and were glad to see us when we picked them up.
I’m so grateful for my dear ‘accomplices’. 

Thank you, mommy and daddy. Guess it’ll be grandma and
grandpa’s turn to take a holiday next.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down
from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change
like shifting shadows. James 1:1

Who’s the Mastermind? All praises to Him who gave us a much
needed respite in His Perfect time.


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